Tara Leander
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Cloud B Tranquil Turtle, Aqua

Aqua Tranquil Turtle® Underwater Night-Light by Cloud b - puts our youngest to sleep and soothes our oldest with Autism during tantrums. Turns a dark room into an ocean.

Positional Words on the Playground. Take photos of your students, add a positional word and make a bulletin board. (Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog)

Positional Words on the Playground. Take photos of the children and have children dictate a sentence with the positional words that describe where they are on the playground.OR just put the positional word on a board with their picture.

Write your child a letter each year and add some $ to the envelope. Then give your child all the envelopes for graduation. A keepsake and some cash!

Two Naps By Noon: Early Graduation Gift For Baby- write a letter to your child every year and add some money into each envelope and give it to your child when they graduate. They'll have 18 years worth of letters and money as a gift. Very creative.