Very important -it's not about sexuality or "appropriateness". It's about sexual violence and who controls whose body. We control our body, men won't think of controlling another man's body but when it's a woman it's suddenly alright

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Every DICTATORSHIP attempts to rewrite history to suit its control. To state that The Second Amendment grants the right "to keep and bear arms IN A STATE MILITIA is a purposeful DISTORTION OF HISTORY! And this is stated on an AP test! Beware of COMMON CORE. it is the FEDERAL DICTATORSHIP's tool for REWRITING HISTORY and washing the brains of our children!

We went from the "Greatest Generation to the Weakest Generation in just 70 yrs.Safe Spaces For Snowflakes, Because Words Do Hurt.

No instead you gerrymandered districts prevented minority voting conspired with a foreign hostile power &FBI sycophants to install an orange man baby into the most powerful office on the face of the earth.. &Imperilled the entire planet!

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