100th Day of School. However, for younger children, I would use separate pieces of paper and have children put the color dot in little circles....maybe 5 to begin with.....depends on the development level of the child.

q-tip painting . count by day activity { fine motor work too!} I like this idea for teaching the concept of time. Do 60 instead and count by

25 Brilliant 100th day of school activities. Craft projects, math games, writing projects and tons more.

100th Day of School Activities

25 Brilliant day of school activities.-The roundup of 25 must-try day of school activities includes creative collections of craft projects, math games, writing projects and tons more.

Totally Terrific in Texas: 100th Day of School FREEBIE

Included: * Fill-in-the-blank story and self portrait (at age * I am 100 Days Smarter Coloring Page

100th Day paper chain- I actually remember doing this in kindergarten. Pinterest sure does bring back memories...

100 day activities - Make a chain with 100 links links of 10 different colors. Kids will use kid-safe stapler to create chain. When the strips are gone, it's a chain of

100th Day of School ideas, books, resources, and crafts {Get Organized to Teach About __}

Are you looking for resources, ideas, books, and craft ideas to complement the number This will help teachers and homeschooling families get organized to teach about the Day of School.

100th Day

100th Day of School

Day of School I love celebrating the day of school.I think it is one of my favorite days to be in school with my littles.so much fun! This mini-unit is a collection of fun activities for the primary classroom.