Fun Fact <3 Obsessed with mermaids since I was little!! Maybe cause they love water and singing=me

Black and White Mermaid Sketch - This is introducing Katina, the unusual and beautiful main character of the story. She comes from the cold shores of Argentina, among the beautiful islands with their crystal clear uncharted waters.

- Mermaid Child in Shell

✓ Statues & Figurines - Mermaid Child in Shell - could use real shell, make a mermaid and add a pearl

Black and white mermaid. #noir #maritime #sea #mermaid

♒ Mermaids Among Us ♒ art photography & paintings of sea sirens & water maidens - Mermaid Art Photography

Looking sadly at her (awesome!) tail.  I still say the HCA version is best when she never finds fulfillment.

marjoleinhoekendijk: walladoraffy: mermaid lamp ☽♡☾ Pagan, Viking, Nature and Tolkien things ☽♡☾