Love this! Shakin' Off the Blues by Iris Scott

Iris Scott - Finger Paintings \\ Artist Iris Scott creates beautiful impressionistic oil paintings not with brushes, but with her fingers.

The Brielle Slouchy pattern by Heidi May - for adults too

Brielle Slouchy pattern by Heidi May

Ravelry: The Brielle Slouchy pattern by Heidi May, adult & kid sizes.I need to learn how to knit. Or crochet.

Glass Mosaic

Art Glass Mosaics by David Chidgey Greeting Card - Fiesta Fun 2012 Card with UV gloss finish x : artglassmosaics

Rainy Autumn Day

Rainy Autumn Day acrylic palette knife painting

Repin Via: Clare Vivier

From an Anthropologie window display in San Francisco - flowers made from dip dyed paper cones + cups


My dream is to one day swim with these beauties. The book I first got from the library and loved was about manatees; the love started early.