Or "Aidan Turner" "Dean O'Gorman" "Orlando Bloom" "Lee Pace" "Benedict Cumberbatch" "Josh Hutcherson" "Jennifer Lawrence" "Adam Brown" do I need to continue?

Richard Armitage

from the 2007 pilot of "inspector george gently," called "gently go man.

Oh, the Weather is Fine

"Into the Storm" World Premiere - AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York City, 4 August 2014

Richard water u doin with your tongue??XD

“Another fabulous Richard gif not sure what he’s doing with his tongue but it’s still majestic 😍😎 ”

Jed Brody on Richard for The Hobbit

"I was lucky enough to train alongside Richard Armitage a lot during the early part of the shoot and again on location, and he inspired me to train the.


Richard Armitage with director Yael Farber two big husgs heartfelt at the final curtain of the last show. I think he is SO -O relieved.It was a BIG mountain to climb 94 shows later -