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Music Sorting Hat

Music Sorting Hat result for trumpet(finally!)>> I am a trumpet but chair thinks he is the most important person ever

Marching Band Problems. For Dayton!!!

Marching Band Problems Forming diagonals while marching backwards.

Marching Band Problems, and for me even though I'm not in a marching band, still a problem lol

< Having show music stuck in your head > Ahem, listen up airheads, this ain't just a marching band quote. Yall are full of yourselves. Give regular band players some shine. Maybe they weren't ALLOWED to be in marching band *extra loud COUGH COUGH*

Marching Band Problems

Sweaty, nasty, gross hat hair stuck to your forehead and not going anywhere until this sweaty "glue" melts away.

Drum corps meme -That would be an awesome show!

Drum corps meme -That would be an awesome show! <> Can my band do this?

Oh yeah it is.  And I've been speaking it since elementary. Marching Band

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