Bucket list: do a good deed by paying a stranger's restaurant bill.

Pay a Stranger's Restaurant Bill

one day perhaps

Bucket List: It's a run. You wear a white shirt & at every marker (of how far you've gone), a color sprays on the end you look like a rainbow!


Went on a family cruise when i was in grade and my parents let me bring my best friend at the time, who was like a sister. It was so fun! Now that she's gone, I treasure those memories!

Pretty cool

Bucket list - Visit New York See the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Yankee Stadium, Times Square, Central Park.

one day

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Your Bucket List.

Would it really be a good idea to get a tattoo of my fav quote cause mine is "don't let fear run your life.

Who's in?

Destination: Cross Country Road Trip Time: sometime this summer.