Art work by Akiane Kramarik

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Art work by Akiane Kramarik

Art work by Akiane Kramarik

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Akiane Kramarik-the little girl pictured painted this picture!

"That is it! That's Jesus!"
  • Pablo

    Where did you see him before ? ^

  • Judi Nesbit
    Judi Nesbit

    I want one. I love Jesus Christ.

  • Alora Ricker
    Alora Ricker

    Pablo, i was praying outside and i looked up. I put my hands up. And boom. There he was.

  • Pablo

    wow. that's nice of him to show up for you. did you talk to him? did he say anything?

  • Alora Ricker
    Alora Ricker

    Pablo, no i didnt talk neither did he. But his face was beautiful, his hair was glowing blonde. It was amazingly beautiful.

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Mother's Love, Akiane Kramarik. The artist's words: "I painted Mary in a silky blue robe surrounded by a background palette of cerulean, cobalt and Persian blue. This is how I interpreted the vision of baby Jesus and his beautiful young mother. The robe connects both of them as if there were one. Mary is the symbol of love, warmth, affection, tenderness and devotion. Her story is the story of love and faith."

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  • Jeanette Valdez
    Jeanette Valdez

    Beautiful, pure, unconditional LOVE!

  • Meka Dorsey
    Meka Dorsey


  • Angie Nichols
    Angie Nichols

    Graceful with stunning beauty.

  • andrew carroll
    andrew carroll


  • Rita Giordano
    Rita Giordano

    This painting is so beautiful.

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Akiane's Kramarik was 8 years old when she painted this picture of Christ. She was born to an Atheist mother. She is a child prodigy. Her website and paintings will memorize you. She is so gifted and so focused on her life mission.

The Inspired Vision of Akiane Kramarik
  • Ms. Janet
    Ms. Janet

    It's sad how this pin has deteriorated from admiring a young girl's talent to becoming a rant for and against religions. All of you ought to be ashamed.

  • Some Guy On the Internet
    Some Guy On the Internet

    Despite the fact that I'm not a Christian, I will admit that this girl has talent. She's an amazing artist and that painting is beautiful.

  • Recovering From Mormonism
    Recovering From Mormonism

    This was my favorite picture during my crisis of faith!

  • Esther Clark
    Esther Clark

    I believe in Jesus and that he is both fully God and fully human. However I also believe that being a middle-eastern Jew (before the European diaspora) he probably looked like a Middle Eastern Jew and not some white Anglo-Saxon.

  • Rita Giordano
    Rita Giordano

    I found her paintings totally amazing. She is so talented. Words can not express how I feel when I look at these pictures.

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Akiane artwork in her words "...One morning I woke up earlier than usual, and right away I decided to paint, but I could not find any canvas in my studio. My family was still asleep, so quietly, still in my pajamas, I searched my art closets and found one small canvas that I'd worked on a few years ago, but later gessoed it in black. After my prayer I began painting a young woman's portrait. next to a branch of fruit. Suddenly I felt God say, blend all the blend all the races, because thi...

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  • Felik Sob
    Felik Sob

    Every human being on earth has helpers who guide them. Some people are more open to them than others. These helpers can be clearly perceived by individuals who listen to their intuitions because there is no other way they can communicate with us since they no longer possess the gross material body. But neither the Almighty Creator nor his Son communicates directly with puny human beings. No creature can bear even a semblance of an approach!

  • Felik Sob
    Felik Sob

    Comment by Nkem Igbo not Felik Sob

Akiane Kramarik.

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  • Meka Dorsey
    Meka Dorsey

    PRAISE GOD....!!!

  • Jeanne Marie Lodewyks
    Jeanne Marie Lodewyks


Giclee printing of a child prodigy artist paintings offered at Jesusprinceofpeac...

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Akiane Kramarik the Author of "Heaven is for Real"

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  • Cindy Jane's Attic
    Cindy Jane's Attic

    Beautiful. Moving. Inspirational. Amazing. Akiane has been divinely inspired. However, Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent wrote "Heaven Is for Real", not Akiane Kramarik.

  • Nicole Junkin
    Nicole Junkin

    She is amazing. However she is not the Author of "Heaven is for Real" That is a little boy named Colton that died from injuries from a car accident and he went to heaven and came back. He actually mentioned Akiane's painting of Jesus as being the 'real' one, comparing it to all the other paintings of Jesus

  • Chayli

    Colton Burpo wasn't in a car accident. He had a ruptured appendix and was taken to heaven in the operating room.

  • Christine Njagi
    Christine Njagi


  • Maria Walker
    Maria Walker

    Hi Akiane i love your love for JESUS and for the world Amazing love.

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Akiane, what a wonderful story please read about her if you have not yet

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  • Valerie Robichaud
    Valerie Robichaud

  • 2924Whit@1994 Whitten
    2924Whit@1994 Whitten

    Wonderful!!glory be to.God

Painting by Akiane Kramarik ♥

Akiane Kramarik talented artist
  • Angela Pulliam
    Angela Pulliam

    I think this is the young.Jesus. look in his eyes. Look at his brow.

  • Kovács Jane Éva
    Kovács Jane Éva

    I had the feeling myself without anyone having told me that this is Jesus as a little boy. He is so very beautiful.

  • Karin Cleaves
    Karin Cleaves

    It looks like a photo from a camera instead of a painting. So real and life like.

  • Val

    I believe the youth coming through the picture frame is also Him!

Search for truth by Akiane Kramarik...I love the life in her work as well as the stories and poems that come with her paintings

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  • Niecy LaFave
    Niecy LaFave

    Just so beautiful!

  • Patricia Keuerleber
    Patricia Keuerleber

    All I can say is oh my word.

Painting by Akiane Kramarik ♥

A selection of paintings by artist Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik

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  • Jamie Ellis
    Jamie Ellis



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"The Swing" painting by "child prodigy" Akiane Kramarick.

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  • Debra Mangan Foyle
    Debra Mangan Foyle

    Beautiful. . Would love to have this

  • Barbara Hartman
    Barbara Hartman

    God is definitely alive in His people all around the universe..what a story and gift for us all

  • Lynette Kingipotiki
    Lynette Kingipotiki



Godly Works of Art
  • Katieria Vazquez
    Katieria Vazquez

    She's beautiful

  • penni greenawalt
    penni greenawalt

    god has truly chosen you!!!

  • RoseScanlin

    I truly believe that God gave this beautiful young girl, Akiana, this talent so she could show the world what Jesus really looked. When I look at the painting I feel peace and love. So just enjoy and hopefully we will see him one day.

By "child prodigy" Akiane Kramarick.

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'The first' oil painting by Akiane

A selection of paintings by artist Akiane Kramarik
  • keith kuhn
    keith kuhn

    Twilight? Really?

More Akiane!

Child Art Prodigy Akiane
  • Meka Dorsey
    Meka Dorsey

    I LOVE IT.....

  • Scarlett Payne
    Scarlett Payne

    Beyond beautiful

Akiane Kramarik

Embracing the Father's Heart: December 2008

Akiane Kramarik

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akiane paintings

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  • Trudi Dahms
    Trudi Dahms

    this could be a painting of my grandson

Eve, by Akiane

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Akiane Kramarik

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"Divine Knowledge" - akiane kramarik, age 11

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Akiane- Tree of Life

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