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A gift once you learn to stay grounded and a shield of protection! Also a quite intresting trait indeed when you learn to locate the do not absorb button.

What it Means to Be an Empath…

Ahhahaha. Even if childless (child free) people don't get to sleep in that long on a Saturday morning because of work or other obligations.. Definitely still a breeze compared with a Saturday morning for people with children!!


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parenting is about sacrificially loving your child.. doing whats best for YOUR CHILD no matter what i costs you personally. Which also means if you dont have the means to take care of your child, which you never have had, then let the other parent take care of the child!

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Tiffany Houser

Where does the spark and infatuation go from the beginning? When does "I hate to see you leave" turn into "It hurts too much for you to stay" How do you go from laughing all the time to arguing ALL the time? Is the problem that we expect LOVE to be magical before we become magicians? Makes you love really that hard or are people just difficult.

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a narcissist, wow I know ONE of these and he fits it to a tee. I pity anyone and everyone in his immediate path for every life he enters he leaves broken pieces in his path.

Lyfe Jennings - Midnight Train LYRICS