I would blow this photo up and put it on my wall if it was high enough resolution. Black and white dance photo photography of em pointe dancer stretching in greyscale

Absolutely crazy.. Must watch

Must watch. THIS IS INSANE! If you like dance, gymnastics, cheerleading, cirque de Soleil etc, you must watch this.

nike point shoes?!

// NIKE ARC ANGELS (Pointe shoe training) what the heck? Where were these when I needed them? I mean Nike point shoes! How awesome it that?

The feeling of standing behind the curtains, feeling the warmth of the stage lights, the rush of adrenalin through your body, the tightness of your leotard and tutu, and the stiffness of your pointe shoes.

Daphne and Apollo (Dayna and Eldon) by Christopher Peddecord. When I first saw this I thought their very small and thin bodies took away from the picture. Thinking upon it, perhaps you have to be this lean to create the pose.


if you don't think it's a sport meet me at the mat I wanna see you do a round off back handspring bet you don't know what that is exactly now tell me its not a sport!

But it is also the most amazing, beautiful, incredible, wonderful sport, and I love it.

Yet I still LOVE IT. If anyone disagree feel free to comment and ill give u a quick run through of a gymnasts life.

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Hard days are the best because that is when champions are made. If you can push through the hard days, then you can get through anything - Gabby Douglas


A Chinese train driver rescued a mother owl and her babies from his train when he found them on the tracks. via Austrain Times.