Mini Milk Jugs, this site has THE cutest party supplies!

"Mini Milk Jugs, this site has THE cutest party supplies!" I hadn't thought of it before, but a cereal party would be fun! Bella's class had a pancake breakfast party at school last year, and the kids loved it!

Paisley Birds

paisley birds - this a machine embr. that you can buy. I like that is has the paisley being birds, and birds on the paisley. I wonder if i can make my own paisley birds?

Inked Disney Princesses

Tattoo artist, Timothy John Shumate, of DeviantARTist Telegrafix, whipped up these illustrations of cartoon characters with tattoo. American pin up style tattoo - Jasmin

Owl embroidery artist trading cards

Way back when I did this year’s DIY Postcard Swap I also arranged another swap for some very creative Swedish ladies. We exchanged embroidered artist trading cards. I actually set the swap up via a group on FB, and it … Continue reading →