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Crystals Minerals & Fancy Rocks

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, minerals, crystals, rocks, geology.

Crystals Minerals & Fancy Rocks

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lapis lazuli - deep wisdom and intuition, boosts immune system, blocks the evil eye


Biphosphammite: phosphorous potassium nitrogen. Occurs in guano


Ammonite, opalised, 254nm fluorescence, photograph by The Bob. - A.lain R. T.ruong

Stalactite / Mineral Friends ♥

Fire Opal


opalized wood




Giant Lemurian quartz cluster!

Looks like a beautiful flower... earthshaped: Rhodochrosite “blossom” Wolf Mine, Betzdorf, Siegerland, Germany - earthshaped: Rhodochrosite “blossom” Wolf...

Larimar (Antlantis Stone) Found only in the The Dominican Republic. -Edgar Cayce predicted that on one of the Caribbean islands, being the remnants of Atlantis, a blue stone of Atlantean origin would be found with extraordinary healing attributes. In 1974, Larimar was found in the Dominican Republic. Metaphysical Properties: Larimar is a stone for Earth healing. It represents peace and clarity, emitting an energy of healing and love. It has been used to stimulate the higher chakras.

Ruby Fuchsite Green Mica Heart Cabochon 71 by FenderMinerals,

Medusa Quartz Extremely rare Blue Gilalite in by FenderMinerals,

World's largest emerald (size of a watermelon)

Quartz with Hematite phantoms

Linarite with Quartz.

So cool ~ 'Chrystalised Purple'