Cozy Living Room Ideas - My perfect cosy living room! Someone please buy me a sofa just like this :-). but maybe in a more grey shade- I cannot be trusted with this much white

Tapas in a basement media room - perfect for the family to chill out!

These modular pieces remind me of the foam couch pieces we used to play with as kids. maybe we could get a set that doubles as movie seating!

Un petit coin lecture qui nous donne envie d'être paresseux aujourd'hui! #Déco #Inspiration

Cozy Corner

This is a cozy reading nook with lots of storage space. What a fantastic use of a nook in this room!

"The library of a writer's home where I attended a party. It was hot outside and I was melting so I went inside and Instagrammed instead of hanging out with all the cool people outside."

Confessions of an Instagrammer

You might have to do a little more work to make up the bed, but there's no denying the appeal of these tucked-away sleeping spaces. Alcove beds, nook beds, whatever you wish to call them, are certainly the cozy bedroom hideaway we'd love to have in our home.

Bed Nooks: The Architectural Womb We Never Want to Leave

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Retreat

Harmony DEF a theme carried through out the room to force an emotion WHY the barn board and neutrals make a calming homey vibe

Cozy couch from Crate and Barrel. I don't think I'd ever want to get up.

30 Stunning Deep Seated Sofa Sectional to Makes Your Room Get Luxury Touch - About-Ruth

Modern country style attic bedroom with skylight and big natural beam floors plus lots of white.