How to Make a Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet

Chan Luu Style Leather and Bead Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

Learn how to make a stylish wrap bracelet using leather cord, glass beads, and beading thread with our step by step tutorial.

pricing formula basics.  Do not forget that this is only part of the overall pricing scheme that should be implemented. This allows for sales and pricing scaling. Don't let it get you stuck as the only way to price or you may price yourself out of a competitive market.

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Guide on how to reuse alphabet blocks and make them into magnets from plumpudding. Cute way to show off the little ones in the family or their artwork on the fridge.

Convert wooden alphabet blocks into magnetic photo displays. This is a fun way to rotate photographs on the refrigerator. -- How To: Alphabet Block Photo Display: Apartment Therapy.

Frappuccino Bottles used for "emergency repair kits": inside is a little hand lotion, a nail scrub brush, some lip gloss, a little bottle of nail polish, and 2 emery boards.

STARBUCKS BOTTLES-Cute idea for preteen/teen girl bday party favors. Put a nail polish, clipper, emery board, etc in there!

easy project wood and blocks. I'm thinking I would do the first letter of each family members name so your keys would always hang on your block.

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Spray paint kids' blocks for a DIY key holder. Or use them as a name display in the room!been wondering what to do w/ all my alphabet blocks!

Hand painted by Kate Dengra NB. This item is made to order - the ones in the photos have now sold so I will make something similar although it

RESTING GULLS Pebble Art Made to Order Seagull Birds Pebble Driftwood Sea Glass Stone Pottery Art Painting Picture Made With Beach Finds

Turn old baby blocks into stylish grown up decor - display meaningful messages in your home. By Girl in the Garage

Upcycled Alphabet Blocks - Trash to Treasure

Upcycled alphabet blocks into stylish grown up decor - display meaningful messages in your home.