Secret storage by your fridge... brilliant!

Got of space? Create a sliding pantry! What do you think Swanson? Potential for our next apartment if we need more storage space? We have enough spices.

Binder clips organizes disorderly cables.

binder clips for chargers. Would work if you had big enough clips for the surface of your desk/table, and the cords didn't fall back through!

Akita Cedar Wooden Cups by Yukio Hashimoto

Sleek, elegant Japanese design: Created by designer Yukio Hashimoto. The pieces are hand crafted using the traditional Japanese craft technique of "wappa" or wood bending. Wooden boards are bent in hot water, creating beautiful curves  New Fuckin York by dopeshirt.

black and white, graphic design, poster, typography - Telling a story about New York City


Lets Move to New York Art Print NYC van SacredandProfane op Etsy

Lockheed Martin RQ-3 DarkStar USAF

Lockheed Martin DarkStar high-altitude UAV // First flight in 1996 program terminated in

Sunday Steak with French Butter by thirschfeld, food52 #Steak

Sunday Steak with French Butter

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