Vodka Induced Decisions ~ Will lead me Down~ A Dark Path To Being~ Controlled By A Insane Man ~

Wasn’t the right answer…@Célia Tasca Moore Fairbanks um does this sound like you or what mom!

Wasn’t the right answer…

High Standards

"High" standards hahahahahahahahaha although im not a smoker or anything this is hilarious

Lolzzzz! Yes .. I eat the batter too! XD

Whatchu mean "the fuck you lookin at?" Obviously i'm lookin at the shit you feastin on!

•Kids Susie always heard the most interesting things when she was "sleeping."

Clearly I’m not the only victim of “innocent-sleeping-toddler-spying.

Evil grin!

Anne Taintor captions: honey, this asks for your occupation. shall I just write "ball-buster"?

They say the alcohol will cook off... so I say, don't cook it! | Anne Taintor

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Watch it!

Since giving up carbs I've been feeling a bit.oh, what's the word? = Actually giving up carbs isn't all that hard most of the time.

Anne Taintor. This cracks me up!

Anne Taintor captions: oh Daddy! you're so much more fun after your third cocktail!