Shantanu Dhope
Pride, Pyaar Aur Pinterest

Shantanu Dhope

Happy Pride Month, folks! Pinterest is proud to participate in a celebration that marks a turning point for queer rights and recognition efforts by the LGBTQIA+ community. Whether you identify as a member of the queer community or are an ally, we stand with you.

To mark this effort,

we’re overjoyed to present a string of role models who’ve taken a step forward in their self-acceptance journey and motivated tons of others with it.

Meet Shantanu Dhope

From an early age, Shantanu recognised his uniqueness, as the experience of having crushes, so common among his peers, didn't resonate with him. Unaware of what it meant to be homosexual at that time, he embarked on a journey of self-discovery, eventually coming out a few years later.


Shantanu found comfort in confessing to his friends, as it felt simpler, and later, he shared his truth with his family, who took some time to fully comprehend and accept his identity.


Shantanu is embraced by a loving and supportive community. Makeup has played a significant role throughout his personal journey, allowing him to express his creativity and feel truly authentic. It serves as a vital outlet for his self-expression, empowering him to showcase his unique perspective and celebrate his identity.