Far-flung desert destinations to explore
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Far-flung desert destinations to explore

From the Painted Desert to the Sahara and many in between, these are the locations to add to your growing travel list.
the mountains are covered in snow under a blue sky
Route 66 Painted Desert & Petrified Forest Driving Tour
a truck driving down a dirt road in the desert
Adventuring in Spitzkoppe, Namibia
Jenna Marie | Travel, Adventure, Photography, Cabins
Jenna Marie | Travel, Adventure, Photography, Cabins
Dune Bashing Abu Dhabi - Desert Safari UAE
ItsAllBee Travel Blog - Travel Tips and Wanderlust Inspiration
ItsAllBee Travel Blog - Travel Tips and Wanderlust Inspiration
the water is reflecting the red rocks in the canyons that make it look like they have been carved out of rock
Hiking The Wave in Arizona: Everything you need to know
Dubai Travel Tips: Camel Tour to Dubai Desert
a yurt in the middle of nowhere at night with stars above it and an open door
Ultimate Mongolia Travel Guide: What To Do, Where To Go, and Tips for Your Trip — The Wayfaress
a group of zebras and antelope walking in the desert at sundown
The Greatest Safari Expeditions In The World
a woman sitting in a hot tub surrounded by wooden boards and palm trees at sunset
This Saltwater Pool in The Mojave Desert Is Not a Mirage
a black and white striped chaise lounge chair in front of a house with palm trees
desert vacay destinations worth buying an extra phone battery
Sivan Ayla
Sivan Ayla
tents lit up at night in the desert with snow on the ground and stars above them
Morocco's Sahara Desert Glamping Guide • The Blonde Abroad
an empty parking lot in the middle of nowhere
How a Prada store ended up in the middle of the Texas desert
an aerial view of the desert with palm trees and green vegetation in the foreground
Marrakech to Merzouga Sahara Desert: what to expect
a lone joshua tree stands in the desert at sunset, with mountains in the background
Joshua Tree California Road Trip Camping
Callahan Woodbery
Callahan Woodbery
the sun shines on some tall cactus plants and mountains in the background at sunset
This Criminally Underrated National Park Is a Sonoran Desert Wonderland
an orange rock formation in the water
The Unique Day Trip To Mystic Hot Springs In Utah Is A Must-Do
a small house in the middle of a desert with sand dunes and blue sky above
China's Gobi desert and the oasis of Crescent Lake - in pictures
a person sitting on top of a large rock in the middle of a desert area
Hiking Valley of Fire State Park From Las Vegas in the Summer
World Wide Honeymoon
World Wide Honeymoon
three camels walking in the desert with people nearby
Luxury Glamping Adventure in the Sahara Desert, Morocco - Bon Traveler
Special stargazing spots, little-known hikes and viewpoints, the best places to see flamingos. We found it all on a journey through the Atacama Desert. Destinations, South America Destinations, Peru, Chile Travel, Chile, Venezuela, San Pedro, Central America, South America Travel
On the Map, Off the Grid: A Journey Through the Atacama Desert | SUITCASE Magazine
the desert is filled with tents and tables
Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp in Morocco
The Awkward Tourist | Travel & Lifestyle Blog: Tips & Guides
The Awkward Tourist | Travel & Lifestyle Blog: Tips & Guides
a man with a backpack walking down a dirt path in front of rocks and trees
America’s Best Desert Dayhikes: Chesler Park Loop, Canyonlands National Park - Uncommon Path – An REI Co-op Publication
an off road vehicle driving through the desert
Huacachina - the Desert Oasis in Peru - Adventure Catcher