The bops we're loving this Pride month ?️‍?
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The bops we're loving this Pride month ?️‍?

Pride month is a time for celebration, and these tunes are the perfect match for any kiki playlist.
a neon drawing of a woman's face with long hair and braids on her head
Heart to Break
a receipt sitting on top of a red table next to two coins and a pair of sunglasses
Every Where Is Some Where
Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble
an advertisement for grace jones private life featuring a woman with sunglasses and the words private life
Slave To The Rhythm - Hot Blooded Version
a woman wearing a birthday hat sitting on a stool in front of a pink wall
Space Girl
a woman wearing a tiara standing in front of a red curtain with the words pageant material on it
Pageant Material
People, Portrait, Style, Fotos, Women, Indie, Lindsey, Noon
a man standing on top of a rocky field under a night sky
Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher (CD)
the cover art for i'm coming out album, featuring four women in jeans
Diana Ross – I'm Coming Out
a man sitting in a chair with his legs crossed
Collapsed In Sunbeams
a woman with tattoos on her arms and hands in front of her face is making a gesture
Comme Des Garçons (Like The Boys)
a woman is looking at her cell phone in front of a mirror and she has tattoos on her arm
Dancing On My Own
Dancing On My Own