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Dealing with knee pain? Try these 3 simple, foam rolling stretches.

Here are three foam roller exercises that focus on all of the major muscles surrounding the knee, which can help to alleviate pain.

Get rid of chapped lips with these drugstore lip balms. These are the best lip balms with color, SPF and moisturizer.

The best drugstore lip balms celebrity makeup artists love

TODAY Style reached out to celebrity beauty mavens to get the scoop on their personal favorite lip balms that are available at local drugstores.

Complete each leg and butt exercise for 1 minute – you got this!

3 simple lower-body exercises anyone can do

This lower-body workout routine can be done anywhere and will help you tone your butt.

Try this easy yoga poses routine to loose your hips at home.

Sitting at a desk all day can wreak havoc on your hips. These three poses will give your hips all of the love and attention they need.

New to fitness? Start with this weekly plan!

An easy 7-day fitness plan for busy moms

Don't wait to get in shape - start today! Here's a weekly fitness plan to help anyone start exercising.

Here are some of the best drugstore moisturizers for your face. Whether you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin, these products will help.

These are the best drugstore face moisturizers for oily skin, acne, combination skin, anti-aging, sensitive skin and dry skin. There are lots of products with SPF and others work well at night.

These make up removes for your face and eyes will improve your skin care routine.

15 makeup removers that beauty editors swear by

Try these anit-aging products that are available at your drugstore to improve your skin care routine. They are all dermatologist recommended.

18 anti-aging products dermatologists actually use themselves

These are the best anti-aging skin care products available at your local drugstore. From moisturizers to serums, there are lots of options.