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    Getting healthy and staying that way. Tips from Joy Bauer, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and more!


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    Headed to the gym alone? Grab a friend on the way! The competition will get you moving and grooving.

    Try doing at one of these 6 ideas to reduce the amount of stress in your life. They might sound simple, but they'll make a big difference.

    This guide will help you get in the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise for healthy heart. Follow this easy routine. No gym is required.

    Try this quick and easy routine to increase lean body mass. It helps promote weight loss. No gym is required.

    Here's a quick and easy healthy eating tip: start having a handful of cherry tomatoes before eating dinner each night. It helps with weight loss.

    This guide to natural cold remedies will help you feel better in no time. Save it for next time you're under the weather.

    This guide breaks down what all of the different labels on your beauty products and cosmetics mean. It will help you be an even smarter, more health conscious consumer.

    These two tips will help your workout that much more effective. Some good music and simple planks are all it takes.

    If your skin is feeling inflamed this winter, oatmeal can soothe it back to health.

    Sometimes during winter, your scalp may get dry. Try this at-home remedy with coconut oil.

    Heal dry hands from winter damage with this homemade remedy.

    Rub on this homemade exfoliant for soft, smooth skin.

    Is your hair feeling dry this winter? You can make this leave-in conditioner treatment at home!

    You can create a home remedy to cure your chapped lips.

    Coconut oil has great benefits for your skin and hair.

    An upset stomach is not necessarily something to take lightly. Here's what to do if your child has one.