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    Getting healthy and staying that way. Tips from Joy Bauer, Dr. Nancy Snyderman and more!


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    Hydration is crucial if you want to feel your best, but sometimes you crave something with more pizazz than water, right? Try these ideas.

    Forget about the stereotype of slender bodies twisting themselves into petite pretzels. Valerie Sagun believes anyone can do yoga.

    It's not what you leave out of your diet, says a top herbalist, it's about what foods and herbs you add to it.

    If you have just a few minutes to fire up that core, you're in luck! We're giving you 3 simple exercises to define your midsection.

    The lowly banana peel is now being hyped as a health elixir for many ailments.

    If you could engineer a long life, you might start by choosing to be born in Japan. It has the world's highest healthy life expectancy.

    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out Saturday to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day, visiting young people who have battled mental health issues.

    Born to be lazy? How to change your walk to burn calories faster -

    Being dehydrated can make you tired, grumpy, prone to weight gain, and more.

    Breathing problems can lead to all sorts of conditions like bronchitis and asthma. Certain foods and remedies do help reduce the effect of these problems, and in some cases can even cure you.

    The news that Selena Gomez has been diagnosed with lupus spotlights a category of illnesses that strike far more women than men.

    Approach each day with positivity and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. #MindfulMondays

    10 tips to avoid the morning madness! A handful of key strategies can help you save time in the important morning hours, setting the stage for a productive, less-stressful day.

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    Burps, coughs and ringing in your ears: When to worry, when not to

    The one advantage to having 'bitchy resting face'...

    Yoga Poses to Relieve Congestion~ do a mini-yoga sequence at home to open up your chest and send fresh blood to your head. If you are looking for a little workout too, simply complete a few sun salutations in between each congestion-soothing posture. This really works and feels so good.

    The North American Menopause Society sheds light on which non-hormonal hot flash therapies are effective —and which are not.

    little things you don't realize are causing you anxiety

    In a complete reversal of what we learned less than a month ago, apparently it's OK not to make your bed at all.

    probiotic-rich foods

    Not getting enough water causes many problems, other than the ones you’re probably familiar with. Here are 15 Signs You're Not Drinking Enough Water - Selfcarers

    18 uses for apple cider vinegar that will surprise you #vinegar #applecider #natural #beauty

    TODAY nutritionist Joy Bauer shares the must-have items you should keep in your fridge, freezer and pantry that can help you put together...

    Here are some tasty superfoods for weight loss that will also fuel you up. Make these foods part of your daily diet and watch the pounds...