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    This BBQ ribs recipe is so easy and perfect for if you're entertaining. Try making it for a super bowl party. It's a great game day snack.

    This slow-cooker recipe for the perfect pulled pork makes tasty sliders.

    Use this great sugar cookie recipe to make adorable Valentine's Day inspired cookies.

    Ombre cherries are so easy to make. They're also very pretty. Here's the simple recipe that just requires a few ingredients.

    We've got you covered for Super Bowl Sunday with a supply of easy recipes for every kind of dip you can imagine for parties, everything from avocado and tomato salsa to a 5-minute crab dip.

    You'll be the hit of any party after reading how to make these loaded potato skin nachos that will leave your guests asking for more. A great snack idea for a Super Bowl party.

    Searching for that fall-off-the-bone tender, mouth-watering ribs recipe? Search no more. Try Iron Chef Morimoto's ribs at your next party, perfect for the Super Bowl.

    This easy recipe for slow-cooker pulled pork slider with Brussels sprouts slaw is a great idea if you're entertaining.

    This loaded potato skin nachos will be your new game day snack go-to.

    This recipe for homemade brown butter mushroom and sage ravioli is so easy.

    Try these Mexican tortilla rollups for a tasty addition your party menu. This recipe is so easy.

    This recipe for smoked salmon tortilla rollups is so easy. All you need are a few ingredients: smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, lemons and onions.

    Buffalo chicken rollups are an easy recipe that the whole crowd will love.

    All it takes are three-ingredients to make this easy cheesy breakfast. You can also try this recipe for lunch.

    This cheddar-crusted shepherd's pie is extra cheesy. Make this comfort food recipe for a tasty meal. Click through for recipe.

    This lasagna soup recipe make for an easy Italian dinner. All it takes are a few ingredients.

    Try this mug recipe for rice pudding that can be made right in your microwave. It's so easy.

    Just when you thought waffles couldn't get any better... grab the waffle iron then top with chili, cheese and sliced scallions.

    Yum, turn dough into perfect, bite-size pieces. A perfect recipe for beginners looking to make their own pasta for the first time.

    Up your bruschetta game and whip up these delicious tartines layered with avocado, tuna and egg.

    Rigatoni casserole with sausage, peppers and onions makes for a tasty Italian dinner. This easy recipe just requires one-pan.

    Try this easy recipe for an Italian breakfast casserole with eggs, peppers and sausage. It's fit to feed a crowd for brunch.

    This amazing slow cooker lumberjack breakfast bake combines layers of shredded potatoes, sausage, eggs, cheese, onions and peppers.

    This baked Rigatoni with Italian sausage, peppers and onions makes is an easy recipe that's fit to feed a crowd. The whole table will love this hearty meal.