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Learn how to take beautiful, top quality photographs and how to improve your photography skills with help from these free online lessons and demonstrations. Find how-tos, inspirations, demonstrations and techniques from some of the best photographers on Pinterest. And, make sure to pin the good ideas and advice that you find here to your own board, so you’ll have it whenever you want it. ( Editors, Please only post pins that link to original sources of photography do it yourself ideas.)
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Great info about getting Sharp Images with Extremely Shallow Depth of Field by Audrey Woulard (a.k.a the depth of field/light master!!!)

Everything You Need to Know About Lightroom and Colour Space

Lifestyle Photography Tips: Capturing the details is an amazing way to really tell the story in your lifestyle photography sessions, either at home or for clients. Click through to read these tips for capturing the details when shooting lifestyle!

A Shooting Technique to Create Stunning Photos We can be our fiercest critics sometimes. And, precisely for this reason when I started noticing that my photographs were lacking that ‘wow’ factor, I decided to up the game and add that extra special sauce to them. I then discovered the…

Want to get more clients for your wedding photography business? Here are 5 things I've used in my own business.

Building and growing an e-mail list for your photography business is one of the best things you can do to grow your photography business. It’s important to plan your approach to email marketing from the start and get strategic with how you’ll use your list. I’m going to share the top 5 ways photographers can use their e-mail list to get clients and grow their influence online.

Free Lightroom Collage Templates | New Releases 10.7.13 - Jill Levenhagen Photography | Lightroom Templates | Lightroom Blog

Starting a photography business is not as easy as it seems. You could be the best photographer in the world, but you still need to know how price your products and market yourself. Here are five quick tips to keep in mind when starting a photography business.

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Over 150 Tips to Improve Your Photography this Year! - simple as that

5 senior portrait tips via Click it Up a Notch

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Lifestyle Photography Tips: 8 Tips for Capturing your Own Children! Learn some tips and tricks for capturing lifestyle images of your own children!

15 Tips for Photographing Toddlers | Get great images of your toddlers with these tried and tested toddler photography tips! Click through to read or pin for later!

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Over 150 free templates for download at this website. You can make Collages, Facebook Timelines and LIGHTROOM!

Christene from Andrew + Chrissy Photography share their top 7 tips for posing seniors.

The 50mm 1.2 had great focus lock, and found the subject at any depth.

Here are my top 10 tips for teaching a photography class.

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Professional headshots are a must have for adults and professionals and even students. Capture that audience and increase your bottom line. Here are some ideas for marketing your headshot sessions. (Photos courtesy Nicki Metcalf Photography) #headshotphotography #magazinemama

As a photographer, I’m constantly looking for new techniques to learn and different styles to practice. I do believe it’s important to find a niche and try to master it, but I’m not the kind of person who takes well to routine. I think that’s why self assignments are so helpful to us creative types, …

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