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Free Watercolor Lessons

Learn how to watercolor or how to improve your paintings with help from these free online lessons and demonstrations. Click through any of the photos or paintings on this board to learn more.

Susie Short's details for painting garden flowers close -up with watercolor

Leaves Lace : Painting a tree and leaves with watercolor, a step by step tutorial by Sandrine Pelissie

Watercolor Tutorial -- sky and leaves

Watercolour Sea and the Sky

▶ Lesson 3 (Watercolours) - 'Learn To Enjoy Painting' with Paul Taggart - YouTube

Annie Strack news: Step by Step: How to Paint a Beach Triptych with Watercolor!

Expressive Watercolor Painting - The Underpainting

Free Beginner Watercolor Lessons - Teach yourself how to paint with watercolors, at home in whatever time you can spare. Enjoy dozens of free online demonstrations and learn talented watercolor artists’ tips and techniques.

Simplify your Watercolor Paintings - Learn which elements to leave out to improve your compositions and to create the illusion of space in this free, layer by layer watercolor demonstration by Tom Hoffman at

127 Free DIY Watercolor Videos - Jerry’s Atrarama lets you enjoy more than 120 free watercolor how-to video demonstrations by talented watercolor artists. Beginner or advanced, you’ll find helpful advice and techniques for your watercolor portraits, landscapes, seascapes and more. (Photo: Watercolor video demonstrations by Tom Jones and Linda Kemp) Click through to learn while watching your favorite videos.

Learn how to use creative brushstrokes on your watercolor paintings by watching this free, four minute YouTube video lesson by Sterling Edwards at

Learn How to Paint Watercolor Waves - Follow a free, ten munite video lesson by SuperBeeza.

Free Video Lesson - Wet into Wet Watercolor Underpainting Tips by Linda Kemp

Watercolor: Excellent!!! lesson on painting leaves, flowers, getting shading correct in a floral arrangement & the vase.

Painting Flowers Step by Step: White Tulips Watercolor Demonstration at Artist's Network

Watercolor Tutorial by Jan Hart at

Painting Dramatic Clouds in Watercolor - 3 Free Video Lessons from Watercolor-Painti...

Soon Y. Warren: Step-By-Step Watercolor With Mask on www.artistsnetwor...

Free Advanced Watercolor Lessons - Teach yourself new watercolor methods and techniques, in your own studio and at your own pace. Follow free online demonstrations and learn from other talented watercolor artists.

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Free Watercolor Flower and Still Life Tutorials - Teach yourself how to create beautiful floral and still life watercolor paintings. Learn at your home at your own pace by following free online tutorials from talented watercolor artists. ( Painting: Joan Grout - )

Free Watercolor Painting Technique Tutorials - Teach yourself how to use dozens of creative techniques and interesting effects in your watercolor paintings. Learn from top watercolor artists in free online demonstrations. ( Painting: Ginette Callaway - )