Oversized blooms in a bridal bouquet are definitely one of my favorite current trends. With a large, overflowing and beautiful bouquet like that you can ma

#flowers #dustypink Beautiful colour palette and textures. www.naturalhistory.co.uk

I love how this design intertwines the rectangle and the one flower. It makes the flower stand out and gives it more of a effect causing the piece to stand out more as a whole. The quality of the photo is very nice and the design was put together well.

this & that

I always love to dress the statues.Elegant pink and lemon wedding inspiration - Wedding Sparrow

California, 1940 Photograph by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic

A wealthy group of young people relax by a pool in California, by J. Baylor Roberts, National Geographic in Photography One

dusted in glitter.

Beautiful photography: gold glitter on hands. What if she also clapped and glitter went everywhere?

urban geode street art: quartz, mineral, crystal formations

I am so totally in support of this urban geode street art project. Created by LA artist Paige Smith AKA A Common Name, the geodes are small art installations made from shiny paper.