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Tempeh Recipes

Tempeh is a tasty, vegan, cultured cake of beans and/or grains that has been a staple food in Indonesia for centuries. Tempeh contains antioxidants, isoflavones, saponins, fiber, protein and every required amino acid. Tofurky has a wide variety of Tempeh offerings, including a marinated tempeh line! Check out this board for Tempeh recipes & meals ideas!
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Store-bought vegan jerky can hurt your wallet. Good thing it’s easy to DIY using ingredients you probably have on hand! Try it once and you’ll never take off for a hike or road trip again without a bag of this tasty, protein-rich snack.


Black Bean Tempeh Tacos

Protein-packed vegan tacos with black beans and taco-seasoned tempeh! A super easy weeknight meal (vegan, gluten-free)