Event Startups

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Swoogo is an event management software that is fun to use

PartyLabz- your party registration platform

Inkpact is providing personalised handwritten communication

iBlink is a Mobile App for live events

Invitethemedia is a platform for event marketing

Splash- an event marketing platform

Magic Mirror - Photo Booth

Follogro works inside Twitter to organically grow your fan base.

Tasklinks - project management app

Play2Lead- Audience engagement

Simple Booth-Photo Booth Apps for DIY Photo Booths and Marketing

LiveBooth- a photo booth app for live events

EventBooth for iOS - a photo booth app for Events

Mirror Me Booth- a Photo Booth for events

LINEAPP - Intercom / Team Communication App

Attendee Events:Online registration, speaker submissions, scheduling, event website

KweekWeek - Event Discovery and Ticketing

Message Blocks-Team communication, registration, mobile app

Krowdthink - A free event app for attendees. Enhances their discovery of like minds.

Inspherio - Event Management Software and Event App

E-180 - Platform that enables Offline Connectivity and Knowledge sharing

B2Match - Networking Events Tool

Crowdsigns - Giant Social Media Photo Booth for Events

EventLion - Event Amplification: Social Media, Digital Media, Digital Experience.