Gun Control

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.


Totally doing this when I am older. Hahaha my daughter would hate my husband and I!

Sniper Rifles : Military and Law Enforcement : STEYR MANNLICHER

: Sniper Rifles : Military and Law Enforcement


Each member of the Navy SEAL has at its disposal the best equipment on the market.

Everyone needs a ghillie suit

Here's how to make you very own ghillie suit. If you dont know what a ghille suit is, or havnt played Call of duty 4 have a look. Although you can buy pre-made suits from army surplus stores i prefered to make my own, and heres how for only a few dollars.


Can you see the sniper?-I really love watching the sniper school shows on the History Channel and Discovery. I think this could be in Iraq based on the flash hider of the gun.


gunrunnerhell: “ Three Amigos A British sniper from 5 SCOTS (centre) and French snipers of the Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment train together at Exercise Boars Head, Otterburn Training Area,.