Young Leonardo DiCaprio being suave

Young Leonardo DiCaprio being suave

Mr. Clooney, do you ever take a bad photo?

Photos: *Vanity Fair’*s 2012 Hollywood Portfolio

Ewan Mcgregor

I haven't really seen much of Ewan McGregor outside of Star Wars, but that's enough to make me love him as an actor!

matthew gray gubler. Not a hello;) but look how adorable he is. Great actor so he goes under this category

Farewell letter from

Willem Dafoe by Patrick Swric

Willem Dafoe by Patrick Swric. Not a conventionally handsome face by any means, but look at the character the photographer managed to capture using just shadows.

Vincent Cassel

Vincent Cassel, pervert, directs Chloe Sevigne to fellate his ugly hard-on in "Brown Bunny," which he wrote. This movie is Swine Fever.

Hugh Laurie by Mark Seliger Vanity Fair May 2012

Hugh Laurie “Undecided” About Moving Back to London After House

Hugh Laurie Photo: Hugh Laurie- Photoshoot Vanity Fair- May 2012

Marco Grob portraits - Jeff Bridges

When I think of his movie roles in True Grit and Crazy Heart, Jeff Bridges makes me picture Uncle Chaz Mackenzie, the grouchy, rough and edgy character in GRAVE MAKER BLUES .Great portrait of Jeff Bridges.