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"Good Morning"❤️Since someone obviously can't say good morning, let me be the nicer one and at least make you feel loved this morning! Meanie!! I still love you though

So if I text you good morning every morning you were the first thing I woke up thinking would get a text message every morning

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A good marriage is grounded in honesty. This is so true and something so simple. True love will understand this :) This is the foundation of our marriage and this is why we will grow old together ;


Three main rules of relationship: Don't Lie, Don't Cheat, Don't make promises you can't keep.

A good morning text does not simply mean good morning.  Rather it comes with the silent loving message I think of you when I wake up

A morning text does not simply mean "Good Morning". Rather, it comes with the silent, loving message :"I think of you when I wake up". I ponder senting you one everyday when i wake up!


Everyone has a life something that adds to who and what they are good and bad if a relationship is to work more than just a routine love trust and believe in the other person and let them truly love you. It's not just a routine.