Interesting... - Cool and original wooden door, in Copenhagen, Denmark

Carved Owl Door in Copenhagen, Denmark - This door would be perfect for the library.

Class small bedroom, good use of space :) except there's no wardrobe..

15 Tiny Bedrooms To Inspire You

Artsy hipster room ideas that make you inspired.DIY, Design & Decorating tips for indie hippie room (bedroom, living room, etc)

Bubble tile bathroom wall, I remember this on grand designs it looks so cool

Rejuvenation Color Inspiration: sea glass colored tile I've never seen ceramic tile that looked like soap bubbles or ocean foam

moroccan stenciled steps

The Decorative Paintbrush, Designs by Mary Mollica: Moroccan Stenciled Steps

Unique Concrete Tiles – Flaster by Ivanka

Beautiful concrete tile - I found the moulds to try our hand at making these. Thinking of adding lime green tiles as our pops of color. MUCH less expensive than buying nice floor tile.

Patterned stairs

I love this staircase and the idea of incorporating different tiles to each step. Stenciled Staircase by Royal Design Studio Stencils in Moroccos boutique hotel, Peacock Pavilions.

Chandelier from Various Modulair Old Stock Tapio Wirkkala Shades

Chandelier from Various Modulair Old Stock Tapio Wirkkala Shades. Designed by Tapio Wirkkala and produced by Iittala.


a music space, divided from the living room. could use reclaimed industrial glass doors/windows, would be beautiful

VISI / Articles / Stoned Cherrie blossoms clash it and make it work


Hall view to bedroom, Bishops Wood. I love the organic and serene feeling of this room. In order to truly achieve sustainability, we are going to have to reinvent our societally-biased definition of "family homes".