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    Bible Archeology

    Bible Archaeology and how it relates to and helps enforce the reliability of the Biblical text. Items which not only confirm Biblical text, but items showing how people lived and what items were available during the time frame covered by the Bible. - (Roughly 2,000 B.C. to 100 A.D)

    Bible Archeology

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    Caesarea, Israel. Here Herod Agrippa let the people call him a god, and was struck down and eaten by worms.

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    Cut away of a Roman fortress wall.

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    Archeologists believe they may have discovered the place where Jesus’ trial before Pontius Pilate took place in Jerusalem.

    Possible site of Jesus' trial uncovered in the Holy Land

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    The eye of the needle mentioned in the book of Matthew was one of several gates that provided passage through the city of Jerusalem's massive walls.

    Jerusalem: The Eye of the Needle Gate

    This “famine stele” records the occurrence of a “7 year drought” in ancient Egypt during the reign of king Djoser (ruled 2691-2625 BC).

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    This Greek inscription mentions a donation to Herod's temple in Jerusalem.

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    Biblical Name Eshbaal Found Outside of the Bible: www.biblicalarcha...#archaeology

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    In the Byzantine period, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was quite impressive.

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    Yad Torah Pointer & Case Medieval

    Yad Torah Pointer & Case Medieval

    Archaeologists excavating an ancient temple site in Cairo have discovered part of a chapel used by a pharaoh about 2,300 years ago

    Egypt archaeologists find pharaoh chapel

    Archaeologists uncover the entrance to King Herod the Great's palace - Daily Mail UK

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    The possible dungeon where Jesus was held before His trial.

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    August 4, 70 – The destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans. The destruction of both the first and second temples is still mourned annually as the Jewish fast Tisha B'Av.

    Siege of Jerusalem (AD 70)

    Archaeologists at a medieval fortress site in Burgas, Bulgaria, found a lead vessel, which contains some of the ashes from the alleged grave of John the Apostle

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    Scientists think they've finally found the real location of a city called Neta'im mentioned in the Bible. Based on its proximity to another biblical town, and archaeological ruins dating from the time of the biblical King David's rule, researchers think Neta'im might have been located at the modern site called Khirbet Qeiyafa, in Israel.

    Earliest Evidence of Biblical Cult Discovered

    Crucifixion: medical facts. Every believer should read this, its the least we should know about what Jesus had suffered for us, though we can never comprehend the excruciating pain He went through and can never love and appreciate Him enough.

    Gods411 : How Jesus Died For You

    HAIFA, ISRAEL—A large, heavy bronze mask depicting the god Pan—the half-man, half-goat god of shepherds, music, and pleasure—has been unearthed at Hippos-Sussita National Park. “Most of the known bronze masks from the Hellenistic and Roman periods are miniature,” archaeologist Michael Eisenberg of the University of Haifa said in a press release. The mask was uncovered near the remains of a basalt structure with thick walls that dates to the Roman period.

    “Amazing” Bronze Mask of Pan Unearthed in Israel - Archaeology Magazine

    A translucent orange gem engraved with an image of a goddess of hunting has been found near a mausoleum built by Herod the Great, the king of Judea who ruled not long before the time of Jesus.

    Gem Engraved with Goddess' Image Found Near King Herod's Mausoleum

    Ancient clay seals may shed new light on King David | The Times of Israel

    Ancient clay seals may shed new light on King David

    One of the best all around maps of Ancient Egypt lots of details. Merritt Cartographic: Ancient Egypt

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    Archaeologists working in Nazareth — Jesus' hometown — in modern-day Israel have identified a house dating to the first century that was regarded as the place where Jesus was brought up by Mary and Joseph.

    Jesus' House? Structure May Be Where He Grew Up : DNews

    Israel Antiquities Authority confirms their belief this is indeed the site of the tomb of the biblical prophet Zechariah. Researchers believe that in light of an analysis of the Christian sources ... the church at Horbet Madras is a memorial church designed to mark the tomb of the prophet Zechariah," the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

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    The 3,000 year old Nimrud lens was discovered at the palace of Nimrud, in Iraq. Some experts believe the lens was part of an ancient telescope the Babylonians used, hence their advanced knowledge of astronomy.

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    Solomonic gate at Hazor - Archaeologists have uncovered a six-chambered gate at Hazor, which is nearly identical in size and design to gates at Megiddo and Gezer. The best explanation for this is that these gates were all built by the same government. These gates are a remarkable testimony to Solomon's building activity as described in 1 Kings 9:15.

    Hazor (