bohemian bedroom I love the pastel colours contrasted with the earthy tones of the wood. The multiple use of lines in this bedroom also gives it a cosy relaxed feel.

Make some canopies__canopy bed Moroccan lantern architecture interior home house design bedroom romantic bohemian exotic


Built-in bed. Great idea for houses with a half-story with sloping ceilings. This bed concept can fill that hard-to-use space against the wall. Change the shape of the openings in the bed sidewalls and it would be perfect for boys too.

mountain moon

Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata I'm not sure what emotion it is, but this moves my deeply.


johnny-remember-me: “ Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington State, 1971 (National Geographic).

moon blink

Understanding moon magic and phases of 2 The moon has been worshiped for centuries. Its power effect on the nature world is seen as p.


♥ I have always wanted an alcove and/or enclosed bed. It appeals as a little hideaway from the world. Especially as I spend a lot of time in bed. Doesn't this just look like the most perfect space in which to curl up with a good book? ♦ yes!


The Dark Night of the SoulThe dark night of the soul is when the light of our divine presence is temporarily obscured with heavy clouds of worry, fear, guilt, shame, regret or bitterness.

Lunar Red

Goodnight Moon – Will Kimbrough

I see an orange moon. I see the moon.the moon sees me.the moon sees somebody I want to see. So, God bless the moon and God bless me and God bless the somebody I want to see!