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挑む -尾上松也 歌舞伎自主公演-(@idomukabuki)さん | Twitter

挑む -尾上松也 歌舞伎自主公演-(@idomukabuki)さん | Twitter




Samurai with parasols in Edo


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Japanese candy -konpeito- 金平糖 ((looks like the food for the soot sprites in Spirited Away))

Tiny Rocky Candy Konpeito is a simple sugar candy whose name originally comes from the Portuguese word confeito. This technique for producing candy was introduced to Japan in the early century by.

The combination of 紫陽花(あじさい) Hydrangea and 和菓子(わがし) Wagashi

I'm in heaven. The combination of one of my favorite flowers and one of my favorite sweet treats ! 紫陽花(あじさい) Hydrangea and 和菓子(わがし) Wagashi- Japanese traditional sweet cakes.


The leaf that makes one feel the taste that of autumn. Just one piece had quietly and the mind is in focus for the rest of the tea ceremony.