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Think you can't fit any exercise into your day? This quick workout is perfect for those busy bodys!

I can't do pushups, so can anyone tell me a good substitute???

(Except for arm circles. A bit of googling turned up opinions and reasoning that they pretty much do nothing. But then, I never post these because they're perfect, but because they give me somewhere to start.

Daily workouts split into morning noon and evening...looks like it would work...and make me verrrry tired!

looking for a new routine since im cancelling my gym membership! running in the neighborhood and working out at home is better than the overly crowded gym. plus i save money AND GAS

At home gym exercises.  Fake the equipment, duplicate the results.

Get toned without hitting the gym! (Update: Ive been doing this as part of my workout and I can feel it working! I do even more circuits on some of the exercises usually!