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#Shabby #Chic creative ideas to make your house a home- shabby bits and bobs..

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Insulators Dad
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Russian Telephone
Telephone Power

Glass insulators on a Russian telephone pole.

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Antiques in the pantry

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Deep Blue Green Hemingray 19 Glass Insulator Pair

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To be honest, this is probably how I would end up using vintage glass insulators. I have tons of books and always in need of cool bookends. Photo courtesy of Pinterest.

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Cherries Rule
Picking Cherries
Three Cherries

These aren't old in age but the patterns are. I remember these from my grandma.

New Kitchen - New

Holds Onions
Holding Onions
Bowl Holding
Bowl Holds
Silver Milkglass
Milkglass Ironstone
White Hobnail
Hobnail Milk
Fenton Hobnail

Lisa, a.k.a. The Goodwill Gal, stores onions and garlic in a milk glass bowl next to her stove for easy access when cooking.

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Hoosier cabinet /// I swear I will have one as part of my kitchen some day. I think they are brilliant.


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Graters Colanders Sifters Meat

Graters, nutmeg graters in a wooden bowl on a piece of homespun

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