No one had the heart to pull her away ... God bless everyone in the service

No one had the heart to pull her away


It's sad that everyone in DC keeps padding their pockets while men and women in the Armed Forces keep getting screwed! God Bless our Military and the wonderful families that support them!

No words...

This is so sad, telling his Daddy goodbye! Thank You to every Man and Woman serving in our military to serve and protect the ones we love.

Tsunami hero saves his wife and countless lives…

All the best heroes are ordinary people, who make themselves extraordinary - Gerard Way. So much love for this man

on the battlefield the military pledges to leave no soldier behind as a nation - let it be our pledge that when they return home we leave no veteran behind

Dan Lipinski On the battlefield, the military Quote. Very fitting right now.

I wonder what he's thinking.

Marine holding a Baby, breathtaking!

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