Fotografías de animales.

Pictures of animals.
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Lazy Leopard - There is no better way to end the day than with a Leopard starting his. The silky smooth shallow depth of field is all due to the Incredible Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 that I paired with a 1.4x converter resulting in a delicious f4 at 420mm.

Lazy Leopard

white tailed eagle battle

"white tailed eagle battle" by hkonalfredwinjeiii | The silhouette of a lion as he awaits the morning’s wakeup call. | Check out my other photos:

The silhouette of a lion as he awaits the morning’s wakeup call. | The Pride | A mission. A goal. The three boys knew something was going on, running in unison together.

The Pride

Water,rain and fog -

Water,rain and fog

Chris The Photog: Setting Out the Breakfast Buffet

Setting Out the Breakfast Buffet

Deep in the woods... - null

Deep in the woods...

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Lets dance

Tamara Gooch Photography: The Incredible Mangalarga Marchador Horse

The Incredible Mangalarga Marchador Horse

State of Mind - JAGUAR. At 70mm, I was extremely close to this beautiful cat... Extremely close behind the glass viewing window...LoL

State of Mind

smiling wolves - null

smiling wolves

Little man - very large ;-) - null

Little man - very large ;-)

Munich boy - null

Munich boy

Surreal beauty - This elephant is standing in the middle of an periodic stream in the Namib desert. This periodic river is changing within a few miles from a very dry river bed to a green river full of grass. This is due to the rock formations below. Therefore the ground water level is very high and the vegetation is surreal for this dry landscape. In the background you can see the red grante mountains and the lava stones.... a very dry region... since years no rain...but beautiful grass wit...

Surreal beauty

Vanishing King of the Namib desert - This is one of the five musketeers, Five maie desert adopted Lions in the Namib desert. This shot is taken in March 2016. In the meantime one of these five brothers was killed in June 2016 in a human wildlife conflict. The four remaining brothers are striving since a couple of days through the area where they have seen their brother for the last time. As the carcase of the lion was burned they do not understand why the brother doesn´t respond to their roa...

Vanishing King of the Namib desert

Ranthambhore National Park, Rajasthan, India. Axis, chital o ciervo moteado. #NatGeoWILD [Foto del día - julio 2016]

Foto del día - National Geographic Channel - España

the boss - out of my series ANIMALS

the boss

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Big Mouth

gypsy - Odin


Bliss - Meadows Karachay-Cherkessia


CUTENESS - Baby elephant, Mashatu, Botswana.


SIESTA - gra gato sobre el tejado de la casa de doña orfa en floresta boyaca colombia


King of the Arctic - People often ask how close we get to the polar bears on our Svalbard tour. Well, that depends on the bears, and where they are. Luckily, polar bears are very inquisitive and often come to check us out. Either that, or they just want to eat us. Anyway, they regularly get very close, or we to them. Close enough for serious closeups - you can see our ship reflected in its eye. - - - If you would like to photograph these magnificent kings of the arctic before they’re gone,...

King of the Arctic

Eurasian jay - null

Eurasian jay

spy cat - Espiando al gato que espía

spy cat