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New World

Tangle River Falls - Tangle River falls the expanded view three decks of mother natures splender. Next time I will be down there wirh the 24mm TS-e I can't wait. Just so you know the road is closed most of the winter as is is almost impassable with snow.

Tangle River Falls

Beyond the Larch - Enough has been said lately so I'll just let the image do the talking. Capture at Sunshine Lake Mt Assiniboine Canada. We still have a couple of spots on our tour September this year with the amazing Sarah Hatton and pano legend Chris Collacott.

Beyond the Larch

Crimson Tower SE - Hello my friends, i am truly excited to publish the second edition of this my shot taken during the summer 2014. This shot it has been greatly appreciated by people and awarded in the Triereberg Super Circuit competition, so i have decided to re-edit this work with a more accurate editing and insert the entire process inside my first video tutorial. Is available NOW to be purchased on my web site "Introduction to Creative Workflow...

Crimson Tower SE

35PHOTO - Алексей Дранговский - ***


Bathed in Light - "Bathed in Light" - Austrian Alps Is there anything more refreshing than a dip in warm light? Prints and licensing available. <a href="">Facebook Fan Site</a> <a href=""></a>

Bathed in Light | Meadows | Sunset over Mt. Hood from meadows. Enjoy, Lijah


Mt Assiniboine - Last Light - As the last light kisses the side of Mt Assiniboine and Sunburst Mountain I had no idea that the night was only going to get better and better! I love this place - this was my first visit, but certainly not my last!

Mt Assiniboine - Last Light

Walking the old path. - One of my old images with new techniques.

Walking the old path.

Talsperre Schonbrunn - Sunbeams illuminating trees along the shores of the basin created by the Schoenbrunn dam.

Talsperre Schonbrunn

Falls& Ferns - Horseshoe Falls as the morning light started to break through the trees.

Falls& Ferns

"PAISAJES QUE CREAN ADICCIÓN" - "PAISAJES QUE CREAN ADICCIÓN" Después de vivaquear esa noche sobre las Agujas de Cardaño, nos dispusimos Yolanda, Carlos y yo a subir al Tres Provincias, que está ya ahí mismo. Mientras por el camino, salió el sol del amanecer bañando de rojo el Celestino. Al fondo, Curavacas por su norte y abajo, el Pozo Fuentes Carrionas siendo el nacimiento del río Carrión. Sus aguas discurren luego por ese valle que veis con niebla llamado "Valle Pineda". ----------------...


Golden Coast - Eftang, Larvik, Norway

Golden Coast

Cochran Mill Falls 2 - Cochran Mill Falls in the Springtime.

Cochran Mill Falls 2

Juicy hues of spring - Gjersjøelven, Oppegård, Norway Spring came with a bang this year. After a slow start due to low temperatures a warm spell that lasted about a week made nature explode in a growth spurt! Temperatures around 25 celsius is perhaps wonderful for us in Scandinavia, but pollinators have to work overtime as the flowers open and dwindle so fast in the high temperatures. Now the weather is completely opposite with night temperatures of around 4 celsius and no ...

Juicy hues of spring

Snow-covered Andes - null

Snow-covered Andes

Punchbowl - Every trail in the Columbia River Gorge leads to a stunning waterfall like this. Punchbowl Falls | Columbia River Gorge | Oregon. I welcome you to explore more of my work at


Old-Growth Forest - Saja-Besaya Natural Park, Cantabria. Spain

Old-Growth Forest

Hope Springs Eternal - Columbia River Gorge springs to life. "Dear heart of mine, don’t forget his never-failing love for you. A love you don’t deserve. A love you can’t possibly measure or fully comprehend. When good things come your way, remember they come from God. When bad times come your way, remember he will lift you up and teach you to soar like an eagle. Dear heart of mine – don’t forget." Psalm 103

Hope Springs Eternal

Melody of spring .... - null

Melody of spring .... | 'Fall Layers', United States, Colorado, Grande Mesa | | Places | Tutorials | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram I haven't been taking fall photos the last few years, but this year I happen to be driving through Colorado at the peak fall season. I couldn't resist to take a few.

'Fall Layers', United States, Colorado, Grande Mesa

guizhou china - null

guizhou china | Falls | Keekwulee Falls.



V for Vegetation

Golf Mickael Hills Queenstown New Zealand This is another photo taken at the golf course of... - via Instagram

Golf Mickael Hills Queenstown New Zealand This is another photo taken at the golf course of...