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    Fotografías de paisajes.

    Pictures of landscapes.

    Fotografías de paisajes.

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    Gold on Gould - Mount Gould as seen reflected in an alpine lake of Tasmanias amazingly beautiful Labyrinth . This takes a couple of hours detour from Pine Valley hut off the overland track. I recently spent 3 nights camping with Francois Fourie, Luke Tscharke and Tim Wrate before we bailed on what was planned to be a longer trip due to weather warnings and increasing smoke haze from nearby fires. This evening was stunningly clear though. We also met Louise from natureloverswalks......

    Gold on Gould | Cuillins | facebook // blog // website


    Fotocepelak -


    mountain - Snowy mountain behind beautiful river

    mountain | McLean Waterfall, South Island - New Zealand

    McLean Waterfall, South Island - New Zealand | Lake Matheson | Patience paid off, waited for the clouds to clear and luckily right before sunset they cleared for a few minutes and was able to capture this great reflection - South Island, New Zealand

    Lake Matheson

    Autumn prelude Dolomites - Приглашаю в 2016 году в фотопутешествия с <a href=""></a><br> Май - <a href=""> Фототур в Тоскане "Итальянские фотоканикулы"</a> Июнь - <a href=""> Фототур в Доломитах "Магия Альпийских Озер"</a> Октябрь - <a href=""> Фототур в Доломитах "Золото Доломитовых Аль...

    Autumn prelude Dolomites

    Озеро Лазурное. Хребет Ергаки. Красноярский край.


    Yosemite Beauty - Yosemite National Park located on Western Sierra Nevada mountain in Northern California. I felt diffrent energy in this place when i was taking this photograph thinking used to be one of Ansel Adams playground, the father of Landscape Photography..

    Yosemite Beauty

    Jewel of the Rockies - Canmore Mountain Alberta Canada This mountain is part of the three peaks they called it the three sisters.. namely; Ship's Prow, Ehegay Nakoda and Haling Peak . Highly recommended to shot alpen glow during sunrise. One of the best Canadian Rockies worth to visit. Truly a paradise to shoot landscape photography.

    Jewel of the Rockies

    Trois Cornes - "Trois Cornes" - Haute Savoie - French Alps Fantasy or reality? At some places these opposites blurs. Unless you witnessed the magic with your own eyes. The benefits of recent years in 160 seconds: <a href="">Stefan Hefele Landscape Photography</a> <a href="">Facebook Fan Site</a>

    Trois Cornes | McWay Falls | Instagram/Twitter: @kylypso iamkylesipple.tum... prints/business: kylesipplephoto@g... Big Sur, CA.

    McWay Falls | Spotlight | It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness - Eleanor Roosevelt Totally agree! This trip was pretty quick but the lights definitely turned on for me. The problem was that this light has a pretty limited life span in the canyon. Too many photo ops and not enough time. On another note, I am amazed at where ferns can grow! I mean, of all the is nice though.


    Luctor et emergo - I have been struggling with this one since april last year. I was never quite satisfied with the way it came out. I tried B&W, different cropping, etc. I must have put it aside a dozen times and tried later again. Yesterday my friend Ralf Kuhn posted a new photo of this great place, where he took me with him in april last year, when i visited. Have a look at it: This inspired me again to struggl...

    Luctor et emergo

    Dreamscapes - Dreamscapes - Mt Rainier - Elbe, WA Beautiful light and fog covers the valley floor near Elbe, WA at sunrise.


    Reflections - null


    Cape Hauy - Cape Hauy, Tasman National Park, Tasmania. Some of the tallest sea cliffs in the world. The two lone rock columns are known as the candlestick (110m) and totem pole (60m) . A frequent haunt of abseilers and climbers. The Candlestick stands next to the end of the Cape clearly visible, and behind it are The Lanterns. (c) Andrew Keane Nomad Photography. …

    Cape Hauy | Another Shot at it - Vancouver Island, Canada | I wasn't going to bother shooting this spot along the Juan de Fuca trail that I had been to a few times before, but as I walked past the area I thought what the heck and went down there in order to 'take another shot at it'. As I surveyed the angles I decided that it was worthwhile to stick around, but after taking some different comps from the past it was the simple straight on shot from a certain distance that I th...

    Another Shot at it - Vancouver Island, Canada

    fuegoendface - null


    Wide Range - This is pure snapshot photography during a beautiful hike. It is not easy to make a photograph look interesting which was taken in harsh daylight, so this is pretty much what came out straight from the camera. I loved the vastness and beauty of this place.

    Wide Range

    Winter's Tale - null

    Winter's Tale

    Morning at the lake - <a rel="nofollow" href=""> </a> <a rel="nofollow" href="">I N S T A G R A M</a> | <a rel="nofollow" href="">F A C E B O O K</a>

    Morning at the lake

    Garden Isle - Aerial shot of this beautiful garden isle of Kauai, Hawaii.

    Garden Isle | Alberta_Jasper_Athabasca River_Athabasca Falls_picture of the trip_

    Alberta_Jasper_Athabasca River_Athabasca Falls_picture of the trip_