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The Sorrow

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Every day reality - Kenya / Amboseli / Masai Village

Every day reality

Roar by on @DeviantArt

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Nothing Matters by on @DeviantArt

Nothing Matters

Liza by on @DeviantArt


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Ksusha Taxtarova - null

Ksusha Taxtarova

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Jess - Jess was shot in Nancy, France. February '14 photo : Stephan Deneuvelaere


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Old fisherman from Li river - China, Xingping

Old fisherman from Li river

Lindsay - Pulled from the archives. Shot in 2012. <a href=""></a> | <a href="">Instagram</a> | <a href="">Facebook</a> | <a href="">Tumblr</a> | <a href="">Twitter</a>

Lindsay | BOAT WOMAN

BOAT WOMAN | Matriarcado "Tita" 90 Años

Matriarcado "Tita" 90 Años | بلا مأوى

بلا مأوى

Quiet by on @DeviantArt

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On the bridge** - Md: Maria ♥ <a href="">FB Page</a> ♥ <a href="">ВКонтакте</a> ♥ <a href="">Instagram</a>

On the bridge** | rachel wilson | here is a picture of rachel that i totally forgot to upload. these candids are one of my favorites. nikon d200 50mm f/1.4 natural light

rachel wilson | joel adam russell | mah mannn joel. 28mm f/1.8 nikon d200 natural light

joel adam russell

Feliz Ano Novo - Thank you so very much for all of the encouragement and inspiration from this great community over the last year. Looking forward to 2013

Feliz Ano Novo

Joseph David - This is Joseph David. Joseph David is Hawaiian and Sicilian, loves old porsches, and is incredibly well spoken. Joseph David says he just wants to be seen for who he is. After our 5 minute exchange, He walked away happy to have had a meaningful conversation for the day, I walked away changed...

Joseph David

Ninka and the adventurous world - Ninka and the adventurous world

Ninka and the adventurous world