Fotos de paisajes.

Pictures of landscapes.

Fotos de paisajes.

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Gullfoss waterfall by Søren Nielsen on 500px

Gullfoss waterfall | Bedruthans Vastness | "Bedruthans Vastness" Happily, I stayed on late on my last weekend away in Cornwall specifically to see this view. The vastitude of the Bedruthan coastline is breathtaking over and over again. Although I missed the Thrift at its best I liked this point of view so I took this photograph using a long exposure technique in camera.

Bedruthans Vastness

Dreamy fall by Jean-Francois Chaubard on 500px

Dreamy fall
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Lightning Spirit by Jérôme Guastalla on 500px

Lightning Spirit
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En sommerdag ved : Dammen

Nordis's NaturFoto: En sommerdag ved : Dammen

The Larch.

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Gorton Scramble by Max Foster on 500px

Gorton Scramble

#Canarias #CanaryIslands #GranCanaria Roque Nublo by Aday Almeida Falcón on 500px

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#Canarias #Canaryislands #GranCanaria pico de las nieves by Gonzalo Royo on 500px

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Sunset at Lake O'Hara by Shuchun Du on 500px

Sunset at Lake O'Hara

Another reflection by Tore H. on 500px

Another reflection | Smooth

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Abiqua Morning Light by Jeff Hobson on 500px

Abiqua Morning Light

F I T Z R O Y #2 by Ignacio Palacios on 500px

F I T Z R O Y #2 | The Grand Demonstration | Hi, Today I headed out to the gorge with my grandpa and we had a killer time. We did the hike to Metlako falls on Eagle Creek in the rain. Scrambling off-trail, we found this interesting perspective of this incredible falls. I tied off on a tree and laid down in the creek to get this shot. Although it is difficult to tell in this image, this is about a 60 degree incline, down a 150 foot epic waterside (which would be a lot of fun until you hit the bottom) :) I thought I was all fancy because I bought some cool waterproof pants, but when you lay on your belly facing down on a 60 degree incline, the water just flows up your pants. Then since the pants are water proof, it does not let the water out, until you stand up! Very cold! I hope you can FEEL the wet in this image! Your comments are appreciated.

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Spring Green by Erin Rigg on 500px

Spring Green

Cooks Meadow

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Cooks Meadow

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#Canarias #CanaryIslands #GranCanaria Mar de Nubes by Fernando Pérez Santana on 500px

Mar de Nubes

The Tarns, Taranaki by Itay Gal on 500px

The Tarns, Taranaki

Saxon Spring by Martin Rak on 500px

Saxon Spring