Christmas Crafts and Snacks

A collection of Christmas snack & craft ideas. Many could be used in your church, home, or school.

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Christmas Crafts and Snacks

Christmas Crafts and Snacks

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Printable Christmas Story Poem - Twas the Night of Jesus' Birth

Printable Christmas Story Poem – Twas the Night of Jesus’ Birth

Thank You Cards & Coloring Page

Christmas "Thank You" Cards Coloring Sheets

"The Birth of Jesus" Script for Children's Christmas Script

Free Christmas Plays for Children "The Birth of Jesus"
  • Sarah Ball
    Sarah Ball

    helpful! thanks for sharing.

  • Victoria Spalding
    Victoria Spalding


Short version of the Legend of the Candy Cane - just print on cardstock and attach a candy cane - perfect for kids on Christmas Eve at Church or Stocking Stuffers.

Candy Cane Poem about Jesus (Printable Handout)

Christmas Worksheets for Sunday School

Christmas Activity Worksheets for Children

Printable Nativity Playset

Printable Nativity Activity Sheet
  • Marilyn Lautner
    Marilyn Lautner

    I really like this. I hope to use it for Christmas Eve's children's sermon.

Hand print Nativity Animals

Planet of the Apels: Handprint Nativity Animals
  • Kayla Roark
    Kayla Roark

    Love this!!

  • Jennifer Hollowell
    Jennifer Hollowell

    I thought you might Kayla.

Pancake and Bacon snowman

5 Pick-Me-Ups for Dreary Winter Days — Roundup
  • Kandy Pham
    Kandy Pham

    Cute! Definitely doing this.

Christmas Tree Waffles

Rutherford Family Happenings: Decorating a Christmas Tree
  • Bev Feltt
    Bev Feltt

    Janelle Gilmore ~ Next year's breakfast?

  • Laura Steiner
    Laura Steiner

    cute and yummy

Teacher gift bag idea that kids can make at home

holiday teacher gifts - Lisa Storms
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    Mary Bell


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Free printable "Thank You" for children to send after Christmas. Available in PDF, JPEG, or PNG

Christmas "Thank You" Cards Coloring Sheets

Nativity Craft for the kids

{Theme of the Week} Nativity

Santa. Hat. Brownies. Genius.

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Luke 2 text art Christmas tree + Merry Christmas

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Luke 2 text art Christmas tree ... printable

Free Printable Christmas Word Art: Luke 2

“Angels & Shepherds” Coloring Sheets for Christmas with Luke 2:14

"Angels & Shepherds" Coloring Sheets for Christmas

Footprint Manger

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  • Cheryl Greene
    Cheryl Greene

    this is just precious!!

  • Leah McKinney
    Leah McKinney

    I just love this... but mine would never look this good!

  • Cheryl Greene
    Cheryl Greene

    I know, I have a friend who is good at this kind of stuff, wonder what she'd charge me!!

three wisemen handprint craft

Two cute Christmas crafts…

half and half shaving cream and elmers glue. dries puffy. WHO KNEW? So many fun craft possibilities with this knowledge!

Book Advent: Day 9 {Snowmen at Christmas} | Oopsey Daisy

chocolate covered marshmallows, on a stick with pretzels for antlers

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Footprint keepsake craft. Reindeer feet on canvas.

tagged | Life In Motion Photography

powdered sugar donuts become snowmen

Creative Holiday Gift Ideas: Snowmen Donuts
  • Paula Quinones
    Paula Quinones

    This is very cute for the teaching I will be giving to the kids. Thanks!

Hands on snack idea that kids can help making

M&M Pretzel Treats
  • George Londoño S
    George Londoño S

    That looks so tasty! Jummy!

footprint christmas tree - Christmas cards?

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Baby Jesus craft

Crafty Mama: Baby Jesus in a Manger