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Obama, Putin Butt Heads Over Russia's Threats to Invade Ukraine

President Barack Obama meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, Monday, June Obama and Putin discussed the ongoing conflict in Syria during their bilateral meeting.

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The protesters who ousted Ukraine’s Viktor Yanukovych now say they fear Russia’s aggression and are looking to the West to make guarantees of military protection against Putin’s troops.

Ukraine Tells Russia Invasion Means War as Putin Makes Plans ...

Ukrainian Protesters Tear Down Russian Embassy Flag in Kiev, Moscow Condemns Police Inaction

BBC News - Will Russia invade Ukraine?

Map showing what types and numbers of military equipment and personnel it can place in Ukraine under a deal that was made in

Brooklyn GOP Radio: Ukraine Flashpoint Glows Brighter With Russian "

A Ukrainian man stands in protest in front of gunmen in unmarked uniforms as they stand guard in Balaklava, on the outskirts of Sevastopol, Ukraine.

Putin Says There's No Need Yet for Russia to Invade Ukraine ...

Neither Putin nor his generals can afford for Ukraine to became a member of NATO and the EU. This would result in the isolation of the Russian Black Sea Fleet bases and push the NATO presence further eastwards.

Aggression In Kiev Raises Concern For Local Ukrainians « CBS Detroit

There are about Ukrainians in the Detroit area.

Russian Parliament Grants Putin Permission to Invade Ukraine ...

Russian Parliament Grants Putin Permission to Invade Ukraine .

Kiev Appeals to NATO For Help | Armstrong Economics

Russian Troops's Invasion of the Ukraine - Russia sealed Crimea - Shootings have heard between Russian and Ukraine/Crimean troops