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THIS. This is why I dress up for things. Dressing well is a way to show respect for the situation.


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David Tennant, Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch...


I need to work on tossing/donating things and doing with less. I would also add... to donate, not toss. I like the idea of this... to simplify however, not to "love" less but to be free from the bondage of stuff. I don't want to share my love with STUFF.


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The Walking Dead- this meme makes me laugh so much... I shouldn't but I can't stop!!!

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not gonna lie, this drives me crazy. hubby is always asking me this when i get dressed and do my makeup when i work from home... it's like oh i'm sorry i take pride in not looking like a slob all the time.

Throughout this unfortunate journey I have found out who people truly are and how ones past and upbringing can truly impact their future! I have found how I have been raised w morals, values and integrity and for this I owe my parents, my sister and broth