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Natural homemade Beauty Products and Tips for a Healthier life.
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[New fashion super trend] Wear statement boots! -

[New fashion super trend] Wear statement boots!

Homemade laundry detergent -

Save water, money, and the environment with these eco-friendly laundry products for the washer and the dryer.

Clay used as medicine -

Medicinal properties of clay, impure clay actually, lies in its disinfection power.

Lemon – a powerful tool for body care -

Our skin is exposed to negative environmental factors ever day. Pollution, dust, UV sunrays, chemicals and toxins are just a few of the bad influences our skin must endure and after a while they ta…

Presents for her, him and others -

Pokloni za nju, njega i druge

Get perfect body figure while you sleep -

Get perfect body figure while you sleep

Which teas make your skin more beautiful -

We're your much needed break. We're your source of energy. We're your relief and your best friend.

Christmas green “fur” (wheat) -

Christmas green “fur” (wheat) -

How to save money before holidays? -

Do you want to get married and also save on flowers, venue and food? We've got you covered, check out our list of Fantastic Frugal Wedding Ideas.

Great natural cream for dry hands -

We bring you a natural cream recipe that will feed and moisturize your skin,