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N.O.W. 13 - Heather | Feminist Mormon Housewives Podcast

"God Recognizes the Matriarchy" by TopHat

God Recognizes the Matriarchy

"Hi, I’m Heather" My Ordain Women profile.

Some Feminist Thinkers: Kitchen Edition

Some Feminist Thinkers: Kitchen Edition

I HOPE HE DOESN'T POKE ME WITH HIS POINTY NIPPLES. | Generated image from gifs generated with the Imgflip Animated GIF Generator

"As Fast as Rail Can Convey" by TopHat

Relief Society Lesson #23 The Prophet Joseph Smith

Young Women Lesson: How Can I Develop Christlike Love?

"Plowing the Fields" by TopHat

Breaking a Leg by TopHat

White Privilege | The Exponent

Reverence is More Than Just Quietly Sitting by TopHat| The Exponent

General Relief Society Broadcast Review by TopHat

If You Chance to Meet a Frown by TopHat | The Exponent

Feeding the Multitude by TopHat | The Exponent

Symbols of Heavenly Mother by TopHat

I am a Cafeteria Mormon, and You are too. by TopHat

Suddenly a Light Descended by TopHat

Dedicatory Prayer by TopHat

Made for my husband's desk.

Cross stitched Loading computer screen. Font is from Minecraft.

My Apricot Tree Mittens

  • Beth Summers
    Beth Summers

    Amazzzing! *B

  • Chawntelle Thornblad Oliver
    Chawntelle Thornblad Oliver

Use coffee filters as bowls for childrens' snacks. Greener and cheaper than paper plates and bowls.

  • Abigail Valentine
    Abigail Valentine

    I've done this for almost a year now. the filters can be really flimsy, so sometimes we would triple or quadruple stack them just so that they would hold the food.

  • Aimee Hall
    Aimee Hall

    They use these for snack time in Nursery in our ward. Works great for the small snacks in Nursery.

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