The Noob Guide to Understanding the Difference Between Paid, Owned and Earned Media [Infographic]

Brand attribute/usage performance

Circel multiple demographics

World of Facebook.

Radar Chart

Stacked bar spider

Colored Spider


good way to select / unselect options (brands) in a user interface.

3d visualisation of differences in region

Crossing for gender, overlap between bars

Extra level behind a pie chart

Churn: simple concept for showing potential churn between competitors.

competition: good visualisation fro showting the competitive field.

Net Promoter Score (NL)`: nice visualisation for this concept.

Hans Rosling: doing nice interactive data with moving bubbles. (click for TED video)

Bubbles. Alternative for word cloud.

Treemap. Nice and very clean.

Half pie

Helicopter view


Historic data. Music from

Cones on a map. Where we live

Om de verhouding man vrouw te tonen, wel wat hippere poppetjes