Oh. (c) Gansforever Osman, a Malaysian schoolteacher/photographer (her name is Ivy) Gorgeous eyes!

funky baby style

DIY baby pants using fabric paint (this link has other ideas as well) love this! I'm getting tired of pink! This baby is so cute!

Chloe Children ncaaaaaawwwwww

Adorable toddlers pose for the Chloe Children Wear Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. Looking absolutely cute in tiny clothes, the children are.

polka dots for boys.

this clothing website features only the cutest asian toddlers modeling their retro clothes. SO CUTE I'M GONNA DIE! Wish I could read the website.

Small style

Well, honestly, this looks like Scout, more or less, in my head. This is representing Scout herself.

A for Apple

A For Apple, B for beautiful – hip clothes for hip kids


Luxury Home-Spa in Exotic Tropical Accent by Pearl Baths - New Bathtub Ambrosia Modern Minimalist Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design Trends 2010 Idea beautiful-bathroom-ideas-ambrosia-bathtub

cute cc @nazzy8

I can not wait to have babies just so I can dress them and do their hair. but chances are I'll end up with a stubborn tom boy like her who refuses all of the above.

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