Toria Clarke
Toria Clarke
Toria Clarke

Toria Clarke

give me shoes, sweaters, and shiny things and I'll be golden

Wedding Gift For Father of the Bride. But since I have no father. I would do this for my mother.

College checklist. Everything you'll need to be prepared for college!

Some easy tips and tricks for saving money on groceries in college!

Let's start by exchanging those 7" stilettos from that Sandra Bullock-as-Very-Successful-But-Uptight-Lawyer Finds Love rom-com for a pair of more sensible black pumps.

My all-time top favorite school supplies for college, plus some budget-friendly alternatives! - Sara Laughed

I just did eight of these workouts in a row. I couldn't even finish the last four. That frog jump killed me. My ass better look amazing. .. like now. Lol :)

Going to try this first week "cleanse" and then the "caveman" strategy after that!

get student discounts on dorm decor at www.studentrate.c... I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS ONE

Skip the crunches with this 5-minute ab workout video. All the moves are done standing so its incredibly effective!