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Art Deco or deco, is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s and flourished internationally throughout the 1930s and into the World War II era.The style influenced all areas of design, including architecture and interior design, industrial design, fashion and jewelry, as well as the visual arts such as painting, graphic arts and film. WIKIPEDIA

Art Deco Architecture

1930s ART DECO Foil Silver Silhouette

Art Deco pattern Fabric

art deco architecture

Anita Page in 'Our Modern Maidens', 1929

Art Deco Playing Cards, Three of Clubs.

George Barbier - Aphrodite

Doriane ; by C. Gesmar c.1924

Waldorf Astoria 1925, by Henri.

T Corbella postcard, Columbine, 1920s

Baldrich, Derma Calber, 1920 (by Gatochy)

1930s Turban~ o, yes, this I want!